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LS3000 > Small Block Chevrolet LS1

LS3000 - $591.80

Small Block Chevrolet LS1
5 1/2" deep

Description:This aluminum wet sump oil pan is for the Small Block Chevrolet LS1 engines. This oil pan features:
- four trapdoors
- a removable louvered windage tray
- machined billet oil pan rails
- a billet aluminum oil filter adapter in the stock location (sold separately)

This oil pan is ideal for LS1 engine swaps in earlier GM chassis' with stock cross members or a rear steer linkage such as Chevrolet Camaros, Chevelles and Novas.

Oil capacity: 5 1/2 quarts with filter

Use: Road race, street or strip

Starter: Stock

Dimensions: 9 1/4” L x 11 1/4" W 5 1/2" H

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