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Frequently Asked Questions

What stroke will our pans clear?

All of our pans will clear a 4 1/8” stroke, depending on which rods are being used.

What front oil pan seal does your pan use with the timing cover?

All our steel pans use the thick front seal. Our aluminum pans use silicone seals.

What pan gasket do you recommend for a Small Block Chevy?

For most applications, we recommend Fel-Pro's reusable gasket, model #FP34510.

What should the clearance be between the pan and the oil pickup?

You can calculate the clearance by measuring the internal pan depth and measuring the distance from the block's pan rails to pickup bottom. The difference between the two measurements will provide the pickup to pan clearance. Gaskets will add some additional clearance. We recommend clearances for all pans to be 5/16"-3/8”.

Why use a louvered windage tray?

Windage trays are louvered to reduce windage horsepower loss and to provide quicker drainback for oil thrown from crankshaft at high rpm. The louvered design allows oil thrown from rotating assembly to drain into sump without splashing back.

Champ Pans oil pans are the best in the industry. You can't go wrong with a superior quality oil pan from Champ Pans. I have used Champ Pans for over 10 years and their quality is by far the best! 

Terry Adams Jr.