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CP57RB > 1986 and up

CP57RB - $164.75

1986 and up
7" deep

Description:This steel wet sump oil pan is for the Small Block Chevrolet years 1986 and newer with the one piece rear main seal. This oil pan features:
- a kick out on the right side
- three trapdoors
- one crank scraper

Oil capacity: 7 quarts with filter

Use: Circle track IMCA-style modifieds

Dipstick: JR131

Starter: Stock or mini-starter

Dimensions: 12” L x 11" W x 7" H

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WOW! I am very excited to get this installed and race with confidence, knowing I have great "wet sump" oil volume and control!

Thanks and job well done! Please continue providing motorsports enthusiasts with high quality and affordable components.

Curt Connors