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CP106KORB > Small Block Chevrolet 1986-2003

CP106KORB - $518.10

Small Block Chevrolet 1986-2003
6 1/2" deep

Description:This steel wet sump oil pan is for the Small Block Chevrolet years 1986-2003 with the one piece rear main seal engines. This oil pan features:
- a kick out that runs the length of the pan
- the sump at 6 1/2” deep which allows for better ground clearance for asphalt race cars
- six trapdoors
- an oil temp fitting
- an oil check level plug
- a removable horsepower saving louvered windage tray
- a clear zinc finish

This oil pan is designed around the Chevrolet Camaro front stub with the engine set back.

We recommend using an accusump because of the lower oil capacity, unless you are using a remote cooler and oil filter adapter.

Oil capacity of 7 qts. with filter

Use: Asphalt circle track

Dipstick: Use JR131

Starter: Mini-starter

Dimensions: 12” L x 14" W x 6 1/2" H

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