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CP100KORB-RR > 1986 and up

CP100KORB-RR - $414.25

1986 and up
7" deep

Description:This steel pan has a kickout that runs the length of the pan, has seven trapdoors, three crank scrapers, two runners, an oil temp fitting, an oil check level plug, and a removable horsepower saving louvered windage tray. Oil capacity is 8 qts. including filter.

Starter: Stock or mini-starter

Dimensions: 7” deep x 14” wide x 12” long

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Champ Pans oil pans are the best in the industry. You can't go wrong with a superior quality oil pan from Champ Pans. I have used Champ Pans for over 10 years and their quality is by far the best! 

Terry Adams Jr.